Blind from Birth

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>Well, there is an account of people with congential cataracts and how
>their vision was "restored" later in life, and it talks about how it
>their lives worse generally.  Bad news is that it is in an as of yet
>unpbulished book.  Author: Norton William Milgram
>I'll try looking for the reference and posting it for you...

Possibly you're referring to cases vonSenden (sp?) wrote about.  I
recall one of my profs, probably Hans-Lukas Teuber, referring to it. 
If it was Teuber, he spoke of it c. 1961, and it was old then; rather
than unpublished, it was out of print or otherwise hard to locate, and
in German...  Think EARLY 20th century, not late!  If I find better
reference, I'll post it.

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> On 1 Mar
>Brainbooks wrote:
>> Do anyone know if there are any accounts of a human being blind from
>> infancy)? I know there's a fair amount of animal work in this
>> someone please point me to a review article or chapter on the animal
>> Thanks
>> Ed Hammond
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