Need Direction on Creating Student Neuro Org (fwd)

F. Frank LeFever flefever at
Mon Mar 2 21:56:19 EST 1998

Sounds like an excellent project.  Don't know about Canadian law, but
when we established the New York Neuropsychology Group (in 1979), we
applied for incorporation as a nonprofit scientific and educational
organization; in New York State, this goes through the Secretary of
State, I believe.  Has many advantages.  Separate application needed
for nonprofit mailing privileges.

You might want to query Society for Neuroscience: they are vey
interested in student development and participation, and include quite
a few Canadians.  Don't recall web-page address, and cn't look for it
while composing this reply, but phone number is (202) 462-6688.

n.b.: you might be interested in NYNG's  May 2 conference (NYU Med Ctr,
New York City): "Neuropsychology and the Neuroimmune Dialogue" (for
students, real cheap...).

Frank LeFever

In <Pine.GSO.3.95.980302124419.15230F-100000 at>
Preetam Banerjee <96banerj at> writes: 
>Hello everyone.  I am an undergraduate neuroscience student in Canada.
>am endeavouring to create a legal Student Neuroscience Association of
>Canada through the proper channels.  Can anyone give me advice,
>I also am planning to create a monthly journal for the undergrad
>as well to submit their term papers and whatnot for peers to learn
>I am very excited about this project and of course the two will be
>intimately related (journal and association), there are plans to
>the journal on the web as well, as an electronic newsletter.
>I would gratefully accept ANY comments, suggestions or a pointing in
>right direction.
>Thank you.
>Preetam Banerjee            
>Undergrad Specialist Program,  
>University of Toronto       
>96banerj at   
>banerinto at               

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