Blind from Birth

Preetam Banerjee 96banerj at
Tue Mar 3 11:43:48 EST 1998

Actually I think you are right.  Seeing as how they can correct for
congenital cataracts at birth now... sorry about that.

> Possibly you're referring to cases vonSenden (sp?) wrote about.  I
> recall one of my profs, probably Hans-Lukas Teuber, referring to it. 
> If it was Teuber, he spoke of it c. 1961, and it was old then; rather
> than unpublished, it was out of print or otherwise hard to locate, and
> in German...  Think EARLY 20th century, not late!  If I find better
> reference, I'll post it.
> Frank LeFever
> New York Neuropsychology Group

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