memory lost

lhguz lhguz at
Tue Mar 3 15:39:01 EST 1998

I,m a 29 years old hispanic male. I was born in CT. on 18 Jun 68 and withing
my first 2 years it was found that my blood was 80% contaminated with lead.
Know within the last year, I've been having problems remembering simple
items like:

1. I just put sugar in my coffee
2. Important appt. for my son
3. events that my wife just told me about within the last 24hrs.
4. marriage problems because she believe that I just don't care.
5. Have to use notes all over my office desk to remember what to do!
6. Other past events that I can remember; dinners/meetings, etc...

I'm in the military; working investigations; now you know how it can get
hard to work and live a normal day or week. Please advice where should I got
in ref. doctor office(department) and what should I asked for when I'm

Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!

Note: hopefully I will remember check this page  for any respond!!!!!

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