Criminal Biopsychology

Fernando Barbosa fernandobarbosa at
Wed Mar 4 17:21:25 EST 1998

Dear newsgroup friends,

I'm conducting a doctoral research inscribed in the scientific area of
biopsychology of crime. I'm trying to prove that the relapsing criminals
have a reduction in the biopsychological resources needed to choose
alternative behaviours to crime. So, they do not resist to an opportunity of
a criminal action and, as matter of fact, they create their own
opportunities. From a neuropsychological and psychofisiological point of
view, they have a reduction in their freedom of choice and behaviour.
I would appreciate contributions about how to assess this reduction in the
degrees of freedom within the neuropsychological and psychofisiological
research paradigms and tools.

Feel free to contact me through my email: fernandobarbosa at

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