Operation Mind.forth

James Yegerlehner yeger at completebbs.com
Wed Mar 4 22:13:18 EST 1998

Mentifex Maker of Minds wrote in message ...
>Our offer to the comp.robotics.misc engineers is: If we show that
>a robot AI is possible in Mind.forth, will you take it from there?

My $0.02: if you want to have a successful project involving collaboration
of many people on such a project, you have to use a language-independent,
distributed software technology: either CORBA or DCOM. By dictating the
language (especially Forth), you exclude 90% of the prospective

There are also two other advantages: 1. Clearly defined interfaces between
the different pieces of the system, and 2.  the software can be distributed
over networked hardware. I suspect an AI project of any sophistication is
going to need multiple CPUs, and in order to grow, it has to allow the
addition of new compute power. You get that with distributed objects.


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