New URL: Trauma Information Pages [moved]

David Baldwin dvb at
Thu Mar 5 21:01:29 EST 1998

The Trauma Information Pages website has moved...

Effective 4 March 1998, the correct URL for this site is: 


This new domain name is now the permanent home of this important
resource for emotional trauma, PTSD, and disaster mental health.  
Please update your links.  

The new address features a faster local search engine (with detailed
help file and search examples), as well as easier navigation from
sub-pages.  There are also many added links since the February update.  

The Trauma Information Pages site concentrates on emotional trauma,
including Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and disaster mental
health response, whether following individual traumatic experience(s) or
a large scale natural disaster.  The primary target audience is
clinicians, researchers, and students interested in traumatic-stress
(including neurobiological aspects of trauma responses), but information
and supportive links are provided for trauma survivors (and friends) as
well.  Much of the comprehensive information at this site can easily be
translated into five foreign languages using Alta Vista's translation
service.  This award-winning site began on 19 April 1995 (one month
after the Oklahoma City bombing), and is updated monthly. 

Please feel free to forward this announcement to other individuals or
lists who would find this web resource of interest. 

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