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Neurobiology, Second Edition   By Gordon M. Shepherd

Oxford University Press 1988, Soft Cover, 689 pages.

The second edition of this highly acclaimed and widely used introductory 
text has been thoroughly revised to incorporate recent research findings. 
A new chapter on molecular neurobiology has been added and the 
traditional subjects of the synapse, impulse, neurotransmitters, and 
neuromodulators are put on a molecular basis. The author has reassessed 
traditional concepts such as the command neuron; greatly extended the 
treatment of developmental and memory mechanisms; and introduced the 
field of neuroimmunology and explained the relations between the immune 
system and the brain.

These advances are lucidly explained within a conceptual framework of 
levels of organization, ascending from molecules and cells through neural 
circuits to behavior, that provides a unified view of the entire nervous 
system. Systematic comparisons of vertebrates and invertebrates for each 
major neural system present neurobiology in a broad context-evolutionary, 
cellular, behavioral and historical. In this revision the author has 
carefully selected examples which best illustrate the concepts under 
discussion. He demonstrates the diversity of nerve cells and synaptic 
circuits in the animal kingdom, and the common principles that bind them 
together in the mediation of behavior.

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