psychology research into colour and spiritual healing

Dave Evans PSU07E at
Tue Mar 10 10:55:53 EST 1998

-- Greetings,

We are psychology students currently doing a major research project
 on the colour-word association systems in use by spiritual healers. By
"healers" we're covering a multitude of terms, from christian
scientists, witches, magicians, shamans, crystal healers, reiki teachers
etc etc.... basically anyone who uses colour imagery, visualisations etc
for treating physical and-or mental and-or spiritual conditions (note:
not necessarily anything that is an "illness", since a lot of healing is
to make that which is already good into something better) within
themselves or others.  

Is anyone out there doing (or has done) anything even remotely in the
same street? Please get in touch, it's lonely out here!!!

The first study is generality over different healers (does
everyone agree what green means etc) and the second matter is whether
the colour-symptom system is stable *within* individual healers over
time , and for this we are conducting an experiment over this summer
coming (1998) to establish whether a  coherence can be demonstrated. If
you'd be interested in the results please indicate on your reply and
we'll send you an e-copy of the report paper when it's completed (may be
as late as June 1999 I'm afraid, but the interim proposal will be ready 
for April 1998). 

Of course all assistance will be acknowledged in our foreword,
whether published or put on the web.

thankyou again for your time>

Dave Evans
Claire Dodson 

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