Seeking Neuroscientist

Gupta Piyush Illuminated1997 at
Tue Mar 10 21:40:22 EST 1998

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could put me in touch with a scientist (
who has solid research experience in the neurosciences.  I am looking for
someone to serve as a clinical scientist on a clinical trials program
centered around the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.  This position is an
outstanding opportunity for the right person.  This person would play an
integral part in the design, implementation and interpretation of these
Clinical trials.  It offers tremendous professional growth opportunity as
well as an outstanding salary and benefits package including stock options
and relocation.  

For more information please contact: Akash Gupta:
(415) 981-7424 x16
(415) 981-6120
					Thank You for your time

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