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                     C A L L   F O R   P A P E R S
                The 1998 International Conference on
             Multisource-Multisensor Information Fusion
                          July 6-9, 1998
                      Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

                             Sponsored by
                       National Science Foundation
                   Office of Naval Research of the US Navy
                           US Army Research Office

                            in cooperation with
                       IEEE Signal Processing Society
                           ZAPTRON SYSTEMS, INC.
                           University of Georgia
               Computer Vision Research and Applications Tech
           National Supercomputing Center for Energy & Environment
The First International Conference on Sensor Information Fusion (FUSION'98)
will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 6 - 9, 1998, concurrently
with the 1998 International Conference on Imaging Science, Systems
and Technology (CISST'98). All aspects of sensor data fusion techniques
and systems are included in FUSION'98. All accepted papers will be
published in the conference proceedings. Keynote speeches and
plenary talks will be offered by internationally known researchers.
The official FUSION'98 web site is at

SCOPE: All aspects of data and information fusion, see web site.

SUBMISSION OF PAPERS: see web site for detailed instructions
      Prospective authors are invited to submit three copies of their
      draft paper (4 to 5 pages) to a session chair (address given
      on web site) by the due date.  E-mail and Fax submissions are
      acceptable. Papers must not have been peviously published or
      currently submitted for publication elsewhere.

     March 20, 1998 (extended):    Draft papers (5-page) due
         April 3, 1998 (Friday):   Notification of acceptance
          May 22, 1998 (Friday):   Camera-Ready papers & Preregistration due
               July 6 - 9, 1998:   FUSION'98 Conference
     All accepted papers are expected to be presented at the conference.

Honorary Chairman:
      Professor Lotfi A. Zadeh, UC-Berkeley, CA, UA

     Dr. Dongping (Daniel) Zhu, Zaptron Systems, Inc. CA, USA
     Tel: (408) 732-7779  Fax: (408)490-2729, E-mail: dan at

     Dr. Rabinder Madan, Office of Naval Research, US Navy

VICE CHAIR (Conference Contact Person):
     Prof. Hamid R. Arabnia, University of Georgia

Steering Committee Chairman
     Dr. X. Rong Li, University of New Orleans, USA

     Michael Falco, Northrup Grumman, Melbourne, FL, USA;
 Dr. Douglas J. Kewley, Defense Department, Australia

     Dr. Belur V. Dasarathy, Dynetics, Inc. Huntsville, AL, USA;

Prof. Jake K. Aggarwal, University of Texas at Austin, TX, USA
Dr. Alain Apprio, ONERA, Chatillon, France
Dr. Radhakisan S. Baheti, National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA 22230,
Mr. Mark Bedworth, Defence Evaluation & Research Agency, UK
Dr. Chee-Yee Chong, Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Sunnyvale, CA 94089, USA
Dr. Richard W. Conners, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, VA, USA
Dr. Oliver E. Drummond, Culver City, CA 90230, USA
Dr. Alfonso Farina, ALENIA, Italy
Dr. I. R. Goodman, SPAWAR Systems Center, USA
Prof. Gui-Rong Guo, National University of Defense Technology, PRC
Prof. Masatoshi Ishikawa, University of Tokyo, Japan
Dr. Ivan Kadar, Northrop Grumman, Advanced Systems, Bethpage, N.Y.
Prof. Rudolf Kruse, Universitaet Magdeburg, Germany
Prof. James Llinas, State University of NY at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, USA
Prof. Daniel McMichael, Ctr for Sensor Signal & Info Proce, Australia
Dr. Shozo Mori, Raytheon TI Systems, San Jose CA 95126, USA
Dr. Ronald P. Mahler, Lockheed-Martin, Engan, MN 55121, USA
Dr. Bill A. Sander, Army Research Office, NC, USA
Prof. Tzvetan A. Semerdjiev, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria
Prof. Pramod K Varshney, Sycacuse University, USA
Mr. Franklin E. White, Space & Naval Warfare System Center, San Diego, CA,

Dr. Lynn Abbott, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, VA, USA
Dr. Shui M. Cheung, FAA Technical Center, Atlantic City, USA
Dr. Yaakov Bar-Shalom, University of Conneticut, USA
Dr. Jerry Mendel, University of Southern California, Los Angles, CA USA
Dr. Enrique H. Ruspini, Stanford Research Institute International, CA, USA
Professor Zhongtuo Wang, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian, China
Mr. Franklin E. White, Space & Naval Warfare System Center, San Diego, CA,

INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM COMMITTEE (about 50 members, see web site)
     Dr. Yaakov Bar-Shalom, University of Connecticut, CT, USA
     Dr. Enrique H. Ruspini, Standord Research Institute International, CA,
     Mr. Colin Johnson, Editor, Electrical Engineering Times, OR, USA

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