Working memory localization in hippocampus

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Thu Mar 12 12:55:11 EST 1998

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>A few weeks ago I remember reading something on this newsgroup about
>work with evoked potentials to localize the function (or role) of
>hippocampus in working memory.  However, I have found little in the
>literature about hippocampus and working memory, and even less about 
>using EPs to explore that issue. Can someone point me the right

Olton, DS, JT Becker & GE Handelmann (1979). Hippocampus, space, and
memory. Behav. Brain Sci., 2,  313-322.

Rawlins, JNP (1985). Associations across time: the hippocampus as a
temporary memory store. Behav. Brain Sci., 8, 479-528.

Sturla Molden


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