bruno bemelmans bruno.bemelmans at
Fri Mar 13 17:49:56 EST 1998

Goodday to all

I'm a general practitioner in Belgium, 37 years old.
The daugther of my brother was born in july '97 with
a complete agenese of the right ey, normal orbita, no
n. opticus. Left eye seems normal so far.
Deafness of the right ear.
Normaal psychomotoric evolution.
Small VSD.

At the university of Leuven (Belgium) , someone thinks
it's the syndrom of Goldenhaa(n)(r).

I  cannot find any information in any book, or on the Internet.

Someone can help me find out?
Leuven doesn't know it, either.

With my excuses for my poor English.

Dr. B. Bemelmans

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