brain haemorrage in a baby please help

Doggtired at PCM.NET Doggtired at PCM.NET
Tue Mar 17 03:06:22 EST 1998

Ok..First.. the disclaimer... I am not a physician, nor have I received
any formal education in radiology. The following is my opinion.

The brain is not supposed to have any bleeding. Blood outside the
vessels in the brain is a catastrophic problem. It would be false hope
to think that the child would be unaffected in mentation in some form,
HOWEVER, children are much more resilient than adults are. What kind of
recovery is possible is something beyond my ability to speculate on.
Even taking into account the resolution of the CT scan you posted, it is
very obvious that the 1st and 2nd ventricles are MASSIVE compared to
what they normally should be. If the neurosurgeon following your child
recommends a shunt placement to alleviate this problem, I would be
inclined to consent to the procedure, to lessen any further damage that
may occur. Your physician (a neurosurgeon I hope) should be able to
explain the prognosis, complications and benefits of the procedure and
anything else about this childs condition. If he is not, keep asking
until it is. However, dont pressure the doctor into being overly
optimistic, or predicting an outcome that is, while possible, extremely
This apparent intraventricular hemorrage is not uncommon in very low
birth weight babies who are born extremely premature.. at 27-28 weeks,
thats very early, and this child is in a serious medical condition.

I am very sorry not to sound more positive, but this is all I am able to
relate based on my limited experience  and exposure to this condition.
Good luck.
                                          Dave Staten, EMT-P
                                          Doggtired at

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