Working memory

Uwilwantme uwilwantme at
Wed Mar 18 02:31:08 EST 1998

Have we forgotten that you cannot completely localize function to ONE area of
the brain? 

 Also important... the intricate connections of the hippomcampus AND the
prefrontal cortex.  If you block NMDA receptors of the hippocampus, you disrupt
working memory (yes, Frank, in an animal model...but think about PCP users;
Highfield, Nixon, & Amsel, 1996; Behavioral Neuroscience).   NMDA receptors are
involved in a putative molecular model of learning and memory, LTP.  Typically,
when you interfere with LTP, you interfere with memory.  Interestingly, LTP
occurs primarily in the hippocampus and most is NMDA receptor dependent.   I
don't think you can rule out the involvement of the hippocampus with the
molecular  information out there.

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