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>Is there research currently carried out in order to understand which
>areas of the brain are involved when thinking about some specific
>subject, and ultimately to be able to read one's thoughts by translating
>the electric potential field of the brain ?

- What's so ultimate about that?
Telepathy has been used for thousands of years.
And over distances of hundreds of kilometers and more.

About the only difference is that you want to replace the mind's
ability to do that with a machine.

> Are there equivalent studies
>trying to correlate the potential field on the surface of the head
>with the kind of thoughts one is having ?


It's different ones.
They are generated in different areas and are different and have to do
with different stuff.

...If the measurement method should be alterating the base energies
then that might be quite disturbing.

All in all I do not know why you would want to go for the surface.
If you go inside it is easier.

Personally I could not read much just going to the outside, there I
just get the halo, but not stuff falling under telepathy.
Though I do not exclude that machines with machines the outside is
sufficient. And that way it might disturb the person less.
But it is ways easier to straight link into the areas you want to have
data from.

You just have to tune well to them, or you disturb them.

I do not know how you do it with machines. With newies it might be
easy if you first get a vague focus on their entire fields, especially
the ones around the head, then you charge up the transit way between
heads so it's easier for them and then let them dock into your brain
(f.e. occipital cortex, so you can transfer the frequencies they need
to theirs  and restructure the connections from it to the other needed
areas) and make yourself sort of very still, then you tune to their
energies and then softly dock into the areas of the brain of them that
you are interested in or into their whole fields.

>Is it possible to have a reverse approach, i.e. is it possible to
>set a field of electric potential on the surface of the head (and
>even inside using microwaves ??) and ask the subject what he/she is
>thinking about ?

I might attack back if you were to put micro waves into my head, at
least if they resemble the shit coming from those food-heater things.

If you have people and not machines  you can set your fields into
(areas of other) brains, but the problem is that people are not the
So if you have an extreme example,  if a male with many cells and
connections would set (?) frequencies/fields to do with colours and
requiring complex data processing  into the brain of a female with a
MCD having far less cells,
then colours might be perceived black and white  or just fractions
being received, because the optical and general processing power of a
damaged brain with less cells (say less oxygen around birth) is
And if it is an emotional transfer then some does not work because
many programs in the  hypothalamus of the woman are different because
she does not have balls bombarding the brain with testosterone and
causing such alterations there
and the man cannot get many of the emotional basolateral amygdala
programs of the woman, because he does not have them.

This emotional and optical example is a simplified example;
I just tried to say that within telepathy you can transfer,
but a lot not or only partially.
If you practice with one person for a long time, then areas of your
brains can adapt to each other,
and then transfer gets easier.
And if you do stuff a long time you become better in reading very
different brains.
But you need to restructure the connections in and between areas of
your brain for that in certain ways and also change energy flexibility
/ range  and "become more fluent in substances output" (not sure on
the exact English terms there).
This is very difficult.

I do not know about machines,
but I would guess that it'd be very similar to telepathy.
I do not know if this helped you.

I am just a starter in frequency surfing, but maybe if you find
someone who is good who'll teach you and restructure your brain for
you, then you will understand the problems involved better.

Only maybe once you become better in it you might ask yourself  if not
a machine is far less sensitive and far less flexible than your brain.
In many areas with a machine it might be difficult to get as far as
with a mind.

I do not say that it is impossible, but maybe you should also ask
yourself it it is good.
If you really manage, then it is no longer like so far, that just the
people who are of a certain inner levels can do it.

Any sadist / system intelligent enough could abuse such a machine.

Read Amnesty International.

And you just need to change your machine a little, and then you can do
like with destructive magic, only far more destructive.
I am not sure if you are aware what shit could be done to areas of the

L. Weaver

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