To All You Scientists Out There.

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Tue Mar 17 23:14:38 EST 1998

Jared Blackburn <enlil at> wrote:

>> ATeasd5941 wrote:
>> > "We should take care not to make the intellect our god; it has, of course,
>> > powerful muscles, but no personality."
>> > Albert Einstein

>	I would wonder what he meant here -- what he considered
>"intellect" and what he considered "personality."  It makes no
>sence to me.

- The intellect areas have personality, too, but they are just some
part of the whole personality, and usually not the main part.

>> >               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>	I like Einstein because he had some many Autistic
>characteristic -- ie, was one of my kind, one of the AC
- What does AC mean?

And if you are a physical autist: 
This site/side is often funny, ain't it?  
I love it if the Westie-"scientists" are ever so proud to finally have
found out stuff that has been known for so long.   Well, ignorance is
bliss for some... 
A bliss that I am coming to favour more and more, too. As one no doubt
notices...   ;-)    ...And I guess as far as chosing to be ignorant
goes  there are some advantages to being able to dock off some of the
areas that the animal torturers don't understand - lol...  ;-) 
By the way, how far can you dock off?
And if fully, can you subperceive within your own areas?
How many of the others can you discern? 
...And folks you know?

> He had no credentials at all as a moral
>> philosopher.
- Here in Germany I think there are many who might consider him so  as
well.   Or what he said maybe  wise or/and funny statements about
human(e) aspects. 

>> To be honest, I would place more faith (which is of course
>> what you are asking for) in your post, if you showed the
>> ability to appreciate scientific thinking 
- In case he is referring to typical Western concepts of that, it is
simple: Reduce all your many hundreds of senses to five  and ignore
everything around you  until someone else or you proved it exists. Or
at least appreciate people who do so!

>and logical argument.  

  >> "We should take care not to make the intellect our god;...<<

I see you got the point made  quite well with mentioned logical

>As it is, it only seems to be the rambling of
>> the undereducated.
- Ah, so you know exactly from the distance what the other person
knows and what not?
Stunning ability.
Then you sure know as well that the West is one of the worst in many
areas of humanity of this planet  and are sure having a lot of
interesting ideas about how to alter the education system  to some
less embarassing level.

(This name reminds me of some Canadian I met in Dublin...
But I guess that's chance?)

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