To All You Scientists Out There.

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Tue Mar 17 23:28:20 EST 1998

neuronsrus at (NeuronsRUs) wrote:

>If your major beef with science is it doesn't convey a mystical sense of the
>universe, then your posts are misdirected.
- In the West they tend to not use the senses that are so important
for perceiving the universe.  
They convey a sense-crippling, not mystical impressions to me...
Apart from some of their theories. 
Though that might be the same. They do not get it because they refuse
to use most of their senses and restrict themselves to the few the
Catholics allowed them to keep. And that is why a lot seems mysterious
to them.
>  If you are assuming that scientists have no view of the mysteries of nature around them, then you are very simply
Yeah, they have A "view"... But most seem to not even be able to get
much stuff apart from colours in via their eyes, not to talk about
other perception areas...  So the mystical view might be quite
Recently read one where some "scientist" was amazed that one tree
changed stuff because another did, though they were a bit away from
each other "and the roots were not connected" - lol!
Actually many "true Westies" have a far-going sense of mystery for
nature, regarding stuff as mysterious that has been known for tens of
thousands of years.

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