Fever and ADHD?

F. Frank LeFever flefever at ix.netcom.com
Thu Mar 19 23:17:27 EST 1998

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>Are there any connection between ADHD and body temperature?
I don't know, but I have a vague recollection of someone's posting a
similar query a year of so ago, with an anecdote about her son, I
believe, whose ADHD seemed ameliorated during an infection and fever. I
think I responded at the time with some speculation re IL-1
(interleukin-one), a cytokine implicated in fever induction and other
responses to infection, and its differential effects on several
"classical" neurotransmitters.

(I will discuss other aspects of IL-1 cognitive and vegetative effects
in the New York Neuropsychology Group's May 2 conference; posted
details to the bionet.immunology newsgroup a couple of weeks ago;
haven't had time to do so for this group).


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