To All You Scientists Out There.

NeuronsRUs neuronsrus at
Thu Mar 19 19:48:45 EST 1998

>But that is a ridiculous statement, 

I see no reseason for the statement to be ridiculed.

>because if a professor of
>philosophy was to have called him a great moral philosopher,
>then to that end he would have been one. Just as other scientist
>tested his science and called him a great scientist,  then philosophists can
>test his philosophy.

Of course they can.  I never denied it.  But have they?  I know of no
philosophers that have taken Einstein's philosophical statements and showed
that they had any depth other than the simple opinion of a man.  Thus, they
should be given the respect that any man's opinion gets, but should not be
exagerated in their importance or depth simply by associating them to the name
of a great scientist.


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