To All You Scientists Out There.

NeuronsRUs neuronsrus at
Thu Mar 19 19:43:46 EST 1998

>And inside their work, why seperate the creativity? Why
>do you feel uncomfortable when someone challenges the
>place and notion of science?

I don't.  Scientists are among the most creative people in society.  They are
paid and rewarded for creating novel and interesting ways to view and test
objective reality.  

I don't quibble over the place of science.  You may place it high or low on
your list, personally.  I do strongly challenge anyone who questions the NOTION
of science.  It has repeatedly proven itself to be among the most valuable
tools in the hand of man.

No one, to my knowledge, has responded to you saying that it is the only tool
in the hand of man.  No scientist I know lives every moment by the scietific
method.  It would be helpful if you would state your grievences plainly so our
replies to your posts don't get misconstrued.


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