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>Ed Mathes (emathes at servtech.com) wrote:
>: Tom Matthews wrote:
>: > Upjohn, the manufacturer of Halcion, is on the hot seat again.
This time
>: > Halcion's sister drug, Xanax, is on trial in a Los Angeles court
room. A
>: > consumer (Terri Mitchell) has taken the company to court for
failure to
>: > warn about the dangers of this benzodiazepine.
>: Sounds like someone trying to blame their addiction on someone other
>: themselves.....
>Since Xanax is a prescription drug and would only be taken on the
>of a physican, that doesn't seem entirely unreasonable to me.

   Except that there is no way to predict perfectly in advance how
anyone will react to a drug.  You can get a good idea from good
studies, but they never tell you with 100% certainty or accuracy.  The
drug that is the best thing since sliced bread for most people, will be
Satan's Own Tool for somebody else.  

   Here's a truth: there are no "bad drugs,"  --- instead, what there
are, are bad relationships between certain people and certain drugs. 
If you need a prime example from your own experience, think of alcohol.
If we made ethyl alcohol only available through physicians, would it
then be reasonable for alcoholics to blame doctors?  And would doctors
then be the simple cause of all alcoholism?  Gee, that sounds like a
good proposal, then.  Except I hope you understand that there are a lot
of things wrong it.  Premises which need to be examined, and so forth.

                                      Steve Harris, M.D.

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