Steve Work slwork at netcom.com
Mon Mar 23 15:25:09 EST 1998

Emma Chase-Van Cott (7elc at qlink.queensu.ca) wrote:

: 	What's "full-blown panic disorder"? Is is the same as G.A.D.?

Panic disorder is much worse than GAD.  People get perodic "panic 
attacks" where they hyperventilate, experience chest pains and heart 
palpitations, and often feel they are having a heart attack.  Yet no 
signs of heart disease are found.  GAD is an ongoing thing, but panic 
disorder manifests itself by brief periods of very intense anxiety.  
Xanax is effective in high doses for panic disorder, but these doses 
carry severe risk of addiction.  Other treatments for panic are 
preferable, antidpressants are often useful and don't have an addiction 

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