Corea di Hughinton

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Sun Mar 22 22:26:25 EST 1998

In a much earlier reply to your query, asking if anyone was studying
"Corea of Hughinton", I said Nancy Wexler has been studying
HUNTINGTON's chorea.  I recognize that Corea may be the Italian
spelling of chorea, but SURELY you are talking about Huntington's
disease, which I assume is not spelled "Hughinton" even in Italian.  If
I am wrong, or if there is a neurological disease known as Hughinton's
chorea, please tell me.  If not, you would have a more fruitful search
using the spelling I suggest--e.g. in Medline.  Possibly the
Huntington's Disease Foundation has a web page by now (I knew Marjorie
Guthrie briefly before her death, but have not kept up with their

Nancy Wexler has been involved in the work that identified a genetic
anomaly undelying the disease (excessive repetition of a particular
stretch of DNA code  on a particular gene, I believe), but I don't
think there is any real treatment yet.  Ther disease  is inexorable and
fatal, but I believe some symptomatic treatments using psychotropic
drugs may sometimes be  used in an effort to control some aspects of
the disease.

Frank LeFever
New York Neuropsychology Group

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