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>   No, Veruca, all this proves is that if YOU wanted to do it, YOU
>could.  Stop being so goddamned egotistical as to think that what you
>were able to do, anybody should be able to do.  If out brains were all
>wired the same, we wouldn't need a drug like Xanax.  Or else we'd all
>need it to the same degree in the same circumstances.  
>                                          Steve Harris, M.D.

wow, you're a compassionate and calm little fellow, aren't you??? So glad
you're not my MD. You clearly have an agenda here. I didn't catch the beginning
of the thread. Do you work for the Drug company being sued??? Of course people
have different tolerances for drugs. That's why we have addicts and alcoholics.
I've worked with both. I've also worked and been friend with people who never
get addicted to Xanax, etc. and who could not function without them. I've taken
Klonopin for years and never wanted to add more, etc. -- the signs of
dependency. But I know others who would have a severe problem.

Do I think the drug company should be sued here? Probably not. do I think
Xanax, etc. have more addiction potential than is commonly revealed. yes. So I
think that that is a secondary concern when someone has full-blown PD and
cannot function or leave the house. YES. 

Please calm down, Doc. And put your agenda out there.

Veronica (Elektra501 at aol.com)
"You can't have everything. Where would you put it?" (Steven Wright)

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