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>Actually, there are ways to predict how people will react to drug
>They are:
>ED50 - effective dose in 50% of test population
>LD50 - lethal dose in 50% of test population
>TD50 - toxic dose in 50% of test population
>TI - therapeutic index - measures drug safety, measured by LD50/ED50

   None of these are perfect predictions, although they provide better
probabilistic information than a guess.   This should be obvious,
inasmuch as LD50 values don't even agree perfectly between species. 
Sometimes they vary wildly.   For example: my Merck Index tells me that
oral LD50 for digitoxin (not to be confused with digoxin) in guinea
pigs is 60 mg/kg.  In cats, it's only 0.18 mg/kg.  That's a pretty wide
margin! In humans, I believe that it's somewhere in between.

                                           Steve Harris, M.D.

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