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>Bruce Fisher (bruce at geordie.smtl.co.uk) wrote:
>: It's really difficult getting volunteers for those LD50 trials.
>Not if you're a mouse or a rat.

But rat and mouse LD50 data does not perfectly predict human toxicity
data.  Again, it's rather in the nature of a weather forcast: much
better than no information, but sometimes not too great, and
occasionally flat out wrong.  For example: try to kill a rabbit with
digitalis.  Or try to treat a cat's arthritis with aspirin.

If you'll look at some industrial tox sources, you'll see that mouse
and rat toxicty data don't even perfectly mirror each other, let alone
data from dogs, even.  Human data is something else again.  Animal data
is a good clue in science, and worth obtaining.  But it's not the final

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