Criminal Biopsychology

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Mon Mar 23 23:41:46 EST 1998

Alexander Kulla wrote:
> > Fernando Barbosa wrote:
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> > > Dear newsgroup friends,
> > >
> > > I'm conducting a doctoral research inscribed in the scientific area of
> > > biopsychology of crime. I'm trying to prove that the relapsing criminals
> > > have a reduction in the biopsychological resources needed to choose
> > > alternative behaviours to crime. So, they do not resist to an opportunity of
> > > a criminal action and, as matter of fact, they create their own
> > > opportunities. From a neuropsychological and psychofisiological point of
> > > view, they have a reduction in their freedom of choice and behaviour.
> > > I would appreciate contributions about how to assess this reduction in the
> > > degrees of freedom within the neuropsychological and psychofisiological
> > > research paradigms and tools.
> > >

> The reasons for this must be evaluated:
> Never learned the concept of society, Never understood the concepts of
> society, Never was included in society, Don`t see any other chance,
> Being a natural asshole, Willing to pay the price (if judgement day
> comes at all), physiological disorder...
> Any more suggestions?

As a person with bipolar disorder, I can tell you that while in
hypomanic mode, I did over the years (before I started taking medication
for my condition) commit many crimes.  I have very high standards,
values and morals-but when I was hypomanic, I simply did not seem to
have any awareness of what the consequences of my actions may be.  It's
not that I needed any of the things I stole, or that I suddenly had no
capacity for empathy, it's just that I didn't THINK.  I am absolutely
positive that my criminal behavior was a direct result of the disorder,
since after starting medication (valproic acid and nefazadone) I have
not engaged in any type of negative, self-defeating or criminal
behavior.  I strongly encourage you to follow through with this line of


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