Juan Enrique Rodriguez hhcs831 at mci.net
Thu Mar 26 05:24:31 EST 1998

> carry severe risk of addiction.  Other treatments for panic are 

Dependance causing, mind you. I've seen VERY few people 
truly addicted to Xanax; and usially they were under the 
influence of multiple other drugs at the same time. 

I am really sick of lay people calling things addictive, 
when they are generally dependance causing. There IS a 

Due to Xanax' exact (thats three "x"s in two words!) 
nature, it does come in the vincinity of being 
addictive, however, it really is more of a dependance. 
Especially with short half lives & metabolism, the 
patient may come pretty close to addictive-like 
behaviour, which is really 'masking' the actual 
behaviour of clinical dependence.

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