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Phil Roberts, Jr. philrob at ix.netcom.com
Thu Mar 26 00:09:41 EST 1998

mentifex at scn.org wrote:
> In friendly response to Mark Watson, Seth Russell, and Sergio Navega,
> there are several good reasons for  writing a "Mind" program in Forth.
> >Mark Watson wrote:
> >>
> >> If I remember correctly (I have not used Forth since about 1980),
> >> MVP Forth is available on many platforms, but since you are clearly
> >> spending LOTS of your time on this project, I would like to make
> >> a suggestion:  Do not use Forth because:
> >>
> >> 1. Forth is very difficult to read and understand (unless you
> >> wrote the code -- in the last few days!)
>       True -- but
> <a href="http://www.scn.org/~mentifex/aisource.html">Mind.forth</a>
> has extensive comments and documentation, with HTML hypertext links
> embedded INTO the source code for extreme ease of on-Web perusal.
> >>
> >> 2. Pick a more popular language (like Java, Prolog, Lisp, even
> >> perhaps C, C++, or VisualBasic) so that more people can try
> >> out your system.
>       Although I (Arthur) know only REXX, Smalltalk and now Forth,
> other persons may port the AI further if it seems worthwhile.
> >>
> >> Anyway, pardon me for poking my nose into your project.
>            Oh, no -- thank you for the advice.  - ATM
> >
> >I must agree with Mr. Watson. I think that, being a difficult
> >problem as AI is, we would be better off making its programming as
> >confortable to humans as possible, not to machines. So, choosing a
> >language like C++ is a better way to go, because it's easier to
> >share work and there are a great amount of available libraries,
>  ^^^^^ ^^^^ but first we appeal to the fanaticism of Forth devotees!
> >that simplify implementation.
> >
> >Regards,
> >Sergio Navega.
> The main reasons for expressing the Theory of Mind in Forth are:
> Robotics!  (Forth is the language of choice among robot builders.)
> MISC!  (Minimal Instruction Set Computing)  Inexpensive Forth chips
>      are being designed and manufactured.
> Modularity!  All Forth programming is structured programming.
> Domino series:  First Mind.rexx, then Mind.forth, then Mind. ....


What language was FORTH written in?


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