Juan Enrique Rodriguez hhcs831 at mci.net
Thu Mar 26 05:34:34 EST 1998

> >ED50 - effective dose in 50% of test population
> >LD50 - lethal dose in 50% of test population
> >TD50 - toxic dose in 50% of test population

I things to written out for me like that. Except, I 
don't really care about the toxic dose. 

> It's really difficult getting volunteers for those LD50 trials.

Natural selection. 
Try selling it to drug abusers..."hey man, you want 
these new pills? they _Fuck you UP_ maaan. One guy, was 
trippin for _14 hours!_. )"

Dude- "Dude! No way, man!? Thats CRAZY. Got some water? 
Better yet, lets snort these babies!"

Watch & learn. 

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