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Enrique Rodriguez) writes: 
>> carry severe risk of addiction.  Other treatments for panic are 
>                       ^^^^^^^^^
>Dependance causing, mind you. I've seen VERY few people 
>truly addicted to Xanax; and usially they were under the 
>influence of multiple other drugs at the same time. 
>I am really sick of lay people calling things addictive, 
>when they are generally dependance causing. There IS a 

   Some people have tried to make a big deal out of "dependence" vs.
"addiction", but I personally don't think it's a useful distinction. 
The drug seeking behavior of the patient is the same, and so are the
strains on the doctor and the patient's family and support system.  If
you'll sell your grandma down the river to get one more dose, then
you've got a problem.  What you call the problem is largely irrelevent.

                                        Steve Harris, M.D.

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