Diagramming Robust AI

Seth Russell sethruss at clickshop.com
Thu Mar 26 11:02:16 EST 1998

Jonah Thomas wrote:

> >What language was FORTH written in?
> Mostly in Forth.  A limited number of
> "primitives" got written in assembler, and then
>  the rest were done using those primitives.

This is an excellent approach.  However it can be improved by writing
the original primitives in C.  Then the whole system will be portable.
I took your approach some years ago on the Apple II and if I had written
the primitives in C, my system would still be alive today.   Please head
my advise in this case.  If you are writing something that is open
ended, do not start with the assembler language of a particular

Now, just which processor did you choose?

> Some people have taken to writing Forths in C
> so they won't have to rewrite the primitives
> when they switch to a new system that already
> has a C compiler.  But traditionally Forths have
> been written in Forth and assembler.  And typically
> the first step in writing a Forth for a new system
> has been to write an assembler in an existing Forth.

The real question is how standard is Forth already.  Could you just take
your particular Forth code and run it on somebody else's Forth?  If you
can't do that, then you should factor the responsibility of portability
into your project.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this is a rationalization for using the
skills and computers at hand, rather than a choice of the best possible
course of action for your project (my apologies in advance if I am
misinformed, which is an distinct possibility).

Just what *is* your targeted audience?

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