H. E. Shapere shapere at mit.edu
Wed Mar 25 19:36:58 EST 1998

In article <slworkEqAGpx.2y6 at netcom.com>, Steve Work <slwork at netcom.com> wrote:
>Panic disorder is much worse than GAD.  People get perodic "panic 
>attacks" where they hyperventilate, experience chest pains and heart 
>palpitations, and often feel they are having a heart attack.  Yet no 
>signs of heart disease are found.  GAD is an ongoing thing, but panic 
>disorder manifests itself by brief periods of very intense anxiety.  
>Xanax is effective in high doses for panic disorder, but these doses 
>carry severe risk of addiction.  Other treatments for panic are 
>preferable, antidpressants are often useful and don't have an addiction 

I have just learned that the "anxiety attacks" I've been having are panic
attacks.  I experience pounding heart, hyperventilation, tremors, a feeling
that I need to leave or hide, and a change in perception called derealization.

Is there something that helps to stop a panic attack once it starts, or
prevent one if you know the signs that one is coming on?


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