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lisard at zetnet.co.uk wrote:
> On 1998-03-26 philrob at ix.netcom.com said:
>    :Riddle:
>    :What language was FORTH written in?
> many many, until it was stable enough to be used to write itself. see
> chuck moore's article in byte, august 1980.
> forth is nearly unique amongst popular programming languages in that it
> was written and refined by a guy who didn't see himself as either an
> academic or a systems programmer. chuck moore wrote for for his own use,
> period. when elizabeth rather picked it up and found she was more
> productive using it than using the normal languages and environments,
> they were both somewhat amazed.

Sounds like you have a little more info than me.  My post was a 
reflection on one of my FORTH books which describes it as a 
language for writing languages and the only one which was written 
in itself.  Thanks for your info. Interesting.


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