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>I have just learned that the "anxiety attacks" I've been having are panic
>attacks.  I experience pounding heart, hyperventilation, tremors, a feeling
>that I need to leave or hide, and a change in perception called derealization.
>Is there something that helps to stop a panic attack once it starts, or
>prevent one if you know the signs that one is coming on?

There are cognitive coping mechanisms you can try.  You might want to
try a psychologist who does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

For short-term medical relief, the benzos are your best bet.  IMO
Xanax is the best med around for stopping a panic attack in its

In the long-term, many of the anti-depressants are effective against
panic disorder, but they won't have an immediate effect.  Even on ADs,
a supplementary benzo is useful for those attacks that still get

If you are having panic attacks, you need to be evaluated by a doc
that is skilled in the treatment of anxiety disorders.

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