THE BOOK the FDA and the DEA don't want you to read :G.H.B:The Natural Mood Enhancer

Steven B. Harris sbharris at
Sat Mar 28 04:42:46 EST 1998

In <351b52ec.1515143 at> Yai at (Yai Samraptoukkon)
>For the first time anywhere,from the FDA's own once-secret files,the
>complete,uncensored story of Gamma-OH(G.H.B or gamma-hydroxybutyrate)
>Foreword: Dr Julian WHITAKER
>Secret FDA files exposed!
>Scientific studies published over the last 30-40 years demonstrate
>that GHB(Gamma-OH)may be the safest,most effective substance ever
>developped for:
>. Promoting deep,restull sleep
>.Alleviating anxiety(and panic attacks) and depression
>.Facilitating childbirth
>.Helping to break alcohol and drug addiction
>.Counteracting the debilitating effects of Aging

   "Counteracting the debilitating effects of Aging?"

    You frigging idiot.  Don't you realize that it's people like you
who make the FDA nazis possible?  YOU are the problem every bit as much
as they are.

                                        Steve Harris, M.D.

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