help me understand myelin

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Fri Mar 27 01:44:43 EST 1998

cvcanter at (Vincent Canter) wrote:

> Ideally, the entire length of the axon
>would be myelinated, but because the resistance/ unit length of the axon
>is so high, it can only be insulated for a short length (maybe a few mm).

>If anyone out there can tell me if I am correct about this, I would
>appreciate it.

Probably what I say is total nonsense, but I thought I mention it

My first guess would be that historically seen and among some
practitioners of magic it would not be ideal, because maybe it helps
receiving the energies you need to perceive going through your brain.
And it might also help to read energies in the other one's brain.
But I am not sure about that.

I guess the question is if the current system compared to your system
would allow better perception.
And of course, if the whole thing was not isolated, the perception
abilities might be interesting to consider.

Fascinating though, wonder what telepathy would be like between two
beings that do not have myelin.
If it was my absurd day I'd wonder about 2 MS folks playing frequency
surfing together...

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