Diagramming Robust AI

Bart Lateur bart.mediamind at tornado.be
Sun Mar 29 08:38:19 EST 1998

Phil Roberts, Jr. wrote:

>Riddle (#2):  Why is FORTH called FORTH?

Don't your books even say *that*? 

Hmm.. if I remeber the detaiuls correctly:

Because Chuck saw it as a FOURTH generation language, in a time where it
was considered that only three generations of programming languages were
created. The computer he used on limited file names to 5 letters, so he
dropped the 'U'. Besides, he liked the implication that this could mean
that FORTH was actually an unlimited generation language (5th, 6th etc).

Of course, since then, an "official" 4th generation of languages was
created, which is, err.... either database query (like SQL), Prolog like
languages, or maybe even something else (natural query language?).


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