Diagramming Robust AI

Phil Roberts, Jr. philrob at ix.netcom.com
Sun Mar 29 09:34:25 EST 1998

Bart Lateur wrote:
> Phil Roberts, Jr. wrote:
> >Riddle (#2):  Why is FORTH called FORTH?
> Don't your books even say *that*?
> Hmm.. if I remeber the detaiuls correctly:
> Because Chuck saw it as a FOURTH generation language, in a time where it
> was considered that only three generations of programming languages were
> created. The computer he used on limited file names to 5 letters, so he
> dropped the 'U'. Besides, he liked the implication that this could mean
> that FORTH was actually an unlimited generation language (5th, 6th etc).
> Of course, since then, an "official" 4th generation of languages was
> created, which is, err.... either database query (like SQL), Prolog like
> languages, or maybe even something else (natural query language?).

Yeaaa!  Another winner.


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