Psychopharmacology of Calea zacatechichi A Dream Plant

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>Calea zacatechichi is a plant used by the Chontal Indians of Mexico to

>Dreams are important in mesoamerican cultures. They are believed to
>occur in a realm of suprasensory reality and, therefore, are capable
>of conveying messages (Lopez-Auatin. 1980). The use of plant preparations
>in order to produce or to enhance dreams of a divinatory nature...
>There are several plants used in Indian communities of Mexico to
>obtain divinatory messages from dreams.... 

>...informant knew that the leaves of the plant were to be either smoked
>or drunk as an infusion to obtain divinatory messages. Subsequent
>interviews with MacDougall's informant and active participation in
>ceremonial ingestion revealed that the plant is used for divination
>during dreaming (Diaz, 1975). Whenever it is desired to know the cause of an
>illness or the location of a distant or lost person, dry leaves of the
>plant are smoked, drunk and put under the pillow before going to sleep.

>Reportedly, the answer to the question comes in a dream.... 


>...Six adult male cats were stereotaxically implanted with stainless steel

You are sick

>concentric bipolar electrodes in the basolateral amygdala. the septum

Total perverts.
You should go into treatment.

How on Earth can you do something like that?

How do you manage to still look into your face in a mirror in the

Get a therapy.

>cingulum according to the atlas of Snider and Niemer (1961). Epidural

>electrodes were placed on the cortex at the marginal circumvolution.

>surgery the animals were allowed a & 1 week recovery period. 

How gracious of you.

>Each cat
>used as its own control and the effects of oral administration
Nice term.

> of zacatechichi extracts (HD-6) were compared to those of phencyclidine

>(400 ug/kg i.m.), quipazine (10 mg/kg i.p.), ketamine (6 mg/kg i.m.)

>SKF-10047 (3 mg/kg i.m.). These drugs are dissociative
>psychodysleptics ...

>and produce 6 cps wave-and-spike activity in cingulum recording in

>addition to the characteristic hypersynchronic rhythm (Contreras at

My, who would have known that. There are just about several thousand
brainsurfer out there who can tell you which drug does on different
areas of the brain.
Maybe you should follow their conversation on the net a bit more.
Instead of torturing cats and damaging their brain and psyche in the
most sick ways.

>1984). In each experiment,
Torture, you meant.

> control recordings were taken in addition to
>t 60 min and + 120 min after drug administration.

> From the experiments performed in cats 
>it appeared that zacatechichi had hypnotic
Why do you not simply ask people.
>Therefore, we chose this experimental paradigm to evaluate human
Same question: Why do you not ask people from the culture who has been
studying it for hundreds if not thousands of years.
You pretend that all others are dumb and that there have not been
intelligent people(s) studying human effect of that plant of such a
long time.
Instead of collecting the data that is available of centuries and may
thousands of years of research, you torture cats.
To babble some primitve shit as an excuse that you need that for 
evaluating human effects.
Even if the datas of centuries of research would not be there, this
would still not be a justification to hurt others the way you do.
Stick your trodes into your own brain if you want to know about what
effects stuff has in humans.
But that you do not dare.
You are a sick coward who does things to others he does not even dare
to do to himself.
And like a coward you brag with torturing others.
And like a sadist coward you show the typical signs of not thinking
yourself the least bit into your victims.

>The study was performed in 5 healthy volunteers (3 women and 2 men.

- People who knew how to use the substance or not?

>Dream reports

>The psychological effects of Calea extracts were evaluated by the
>application of directed questionnaires and analysis of free reports of
>the subjective sensations and dreams in all human volunteers after the
>reaction-time, nap sessions and the following night. Neither the
>subjects. the interviewer nor the evaluator knew whether the individual had
>taken a plant extract, diazepam, or placebo. The results were compared by the
>binomial test.

Any frequency surfer would know that.
Why did you not take people instead who can use it to find out where
other people are and measure that?
That might have been of some interest.

>The results of these experiments show that zacatechichi does not share
>the neurophysiological effects of the dissociative psychodysleptics
>and only induces the behavioral and EEG signs of somnolence and sleep. The
>apparent low toxicity of the plant in these experiments and its
>history of ethnobotanical use allowed us to ascertain the hypnotic potency,
>dream- inducing effects and other psychotropic properties in human beings.

...Oh, so it allowed YOU to ascertain something that has been
ascertained for more centuries than Whites hop through America to
declare it theirs and the cultures & data of them as worthless.
First you shoot the folks who live there and then you come up with
some cat-torture bullshit to ascertain something that has been known
for a long time.

If one can find people with it, that would interest me ways more or
how to find out about sources of illnesses.

Why do you not spend more time with the interesting stuff than with
cat torturing to ascertain stuff that has been known for ages?!

>Sleep recordings in humans

>... zacatechichi extracts...  Ingestion of the plant produces a light
>hypnotic state with a decrease of both deep slow-wave sleep and REM periods.
- Well, and what exactly do the Indians say that is changing in
perception power? Any specific point where one "goes looking for
>The question of the ethnobotanical use and open trial reports of dream
>enhancement was studied in the following section by the evaluation of
>subjective reports during the sleep study.
... I must say I am not so much interested in the evaluation of
subjective reports, but in the data of centuries of research.

Because I somehow suspect that the people you chose were not
experienced enough to know how to stay awake in a dream and use
sense-enhancer to perceive about illnesses or other people far away.

>Dream reports
>The quantitative results concerning hypnagogic imagery and dreams are
>summarized in Table 1. Data from the reaction-time and the nap
>sessions end the following night were pooled. Significantly more dreams (P <
>001, in comparison to placebo) were reported after the methanol extract.
- Well, I guess that is one of the points of taking the stuff.

>...the individuals that reported more than one dream per session were
>always the ones treated with zacatechichi extracts. 
My, who would have thought that!

>Nevertheless, with the methanol extract more colors during dreaming
>were mentioned .
Again, who would have thought that when taking a sense enhancer that
might happen!

>These results show that zacatechichi administration appears to enhance
>the number and/or recollection of dreams during sleeping periods. 
Man, and next you tell me that you just found out that hell of a lot
of the psychedelics class do that, too.

You are babbling about the obvious.

>The data are in agreement with the oneirogenic reputation of the plant among
>the Chontal Indians but stand in apparent contradiction to the EEG sleep-
>study results. It is well known that dreaming activity is correlated
>to the REM or paradoxical phase of sleep (Aserinsky and Kleitman, 1953) and
>it could be expected that a compound that increases dream would also
>increase REM stage frequency or duration, as it has been shown to
>occur with physostigmine (Sitaram et al., 1978). In contrast, zacatechichi
>increases the stages of slow wave sleep and apparently decreases REM
Excuse me, but how exactly did you think you locate a person far away?
By running so high energy in the brain that you can't perceive such
faint alteration as their energy makes in your nets/fields?
Although I have never taken the drug I'd assume the point would be to
stay awake in the dream, have the transition of optics and acoustics
docked out by sleep, log into the frequency range of the person I am
seeking and hope that the "slow wave stage" as you call it is low
enough energies that my nets can catch the alterations.
Or something like that. If I want high energy I could as well straight
stay awake and pop some other drugs.

I get the impression you do not understand the art of alterating inner
energy levels to perceive different outer ones at all.

And that that is why you torture cats instead of having someone teach
you how you find people far away or know about illnesses.

I start to believe that you are so dumb, that you do not get the most
basic concepts of magic, like some ... that allowed the Christians to
reduce his senses to five and runs a study about something that he
does not even understand the preliminaries of.

Just for fun let me ask you two very simple questions:
What does Carlos Castaneda mean by "seeing"?
What can you perceive especially well if you stop the making of colour
as a response to certain frequencies?

Reading your stuff I get the impression that you might not even be
able to answer two such absolutely basic questions.

In the start when I read about perceiving people far away I was
delighted and thought some neurologist finally got the hang of magic
and combined neurology and magic;
instead I read some gross sadism against cats  and babbling forever
about the obvious.

What illnesses can be discovered and how?
Till what range can someone trained perceive another person?
One the location is known of and one where the location is not known?
If exceeding half of the maximum distance a trained perceiver can do,
what is the difference to when he is focussing on someone ill nearby?
When docking into the energy system of the ill person, is the drug
causing enough alterations in the own energy that one has to be
careful not to disturb to much?
Is there an addiction after a while or a significant alteration of
emotion, concentration or memory-abilities if taking the drug too
often? How often?

You have been babbling forever about torturing cats, but the real
intersting questions, how to use the stuff to perceive long distance
and what you can scan about illnesses with it, that you have not

I think you do not even understand the fraction of the research &
results of other peoples, yet you brag here in the net that you have
"ascertained" stuff that the ancestors of others have ascertained ways
over 1000 years ago,  
and somehow you seem intellectually not far enough to understand what
they ascertained afterwards about the human mind.

I believe if you'd read Carlos Castaneda's books you'd not even
understand what he is talking about.
I believe a German witch and a Red Indian Shaman and someone from
India could have a telepathic conversation with each other in front of
your, and you'd not even get that it is going on.
I believe all three of them could extend their energy fields into your
room and you'd not perceive it.

Maybe I am wrong, but to me you seem like some retarded sadist, who
just found out some stone age data, and somehow overlooks the entire
science of other peoples and the results that have been worked out
there in so long a time.

Your report was about as interesting, as that of someone going to a
culture that figured out the course of planets mathematically, and who
then goes on forever that he has been able to ascertain that two and
two is four, because he chopped off four feet of a cat and counted
And to make sure he took six cats,
and each time it were four legs.

Next time you run a study like that I recommend you get far enough to
understand some of the basics of magic, so that you understand what
altered energy stages in the brain and frequency perception have to do
with each other, how to extend fields of your systems into other
fields, and so on.

(....Before you "ascertain" stuff, a lot of which probably some
children could have already told you 1000 years ago, and ignore the
data of the adults since then and from before that time, ignoring
thousands of years of research of the human mind & abilities...)

Else you make a fool of the entire Western culture on the net.

>Whenever it is desired to know the cause of an
>illness or the location of a distant or lost person,...

Anyone who is not an idiot would first want to know all about that,
then maybe be able to do it himself, and only THEN, when his abilities
surpass or at least equal those of the culture where the science he is
commenting   is from, 
comment anything in a form containing the words "ascertain" 
...IF what he says has NOT been ascertained there before in sufficient
And at that point maybe mention existing theories of researchers of
the according culture(s) the basic data was from.

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