Joerg Kopp Joerg.Kopp at t-online.de
Sun Mar 29 06:19:32 EST 1998


my 16 month old daugther had a meningitis with 3 weeks. After the
infection a aquaduct stenosis was diagnosted and she became a shunt in
the third ventricel. Two weeks later the doctors remarked, that the
fourth ventricel is isolated and she became a second shunt in the
fourth ventricel. Until this time she had 3 revisions, 2 immediatelly
after the shunt was installed and the last 2 weeks ago.

Now I have a number of qustions:

1. I have read about the Third Ventriculostomy and want to know, if
this technique is also possible for the fourth venticel?

2. If yes, of which factors does it depend?

3. Which hospitals in Germany are able to do a Third Ventriculostomy?
We were allways at the University of Freiburg, and I think they are
able, but I´m not sure. (We beleave, that the Neurosurgeons of
Freiburg are very good, but I want to know all possibilities!)

4. The doctors said to us, that it is possible, that the shunt does
not make problems anymore. How is the probability for a life without
further revisions (we met a women in hospital, whos 7 year old
daugther had 13 revisions)?

Thanks in advance

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