GHB in alcoholics and drug as

Renato Cocchi MC7057 at MCLINK.IT
Mon Mar 30 16:22:46 EST 1998

> From: Yai at (Yai Samraptoukkon)
> Organization: Twics Co. Ltd., Japan
> Subject: THE BOOK the FDA and the DEA don't want you to read
> :G.H.B:The Natural Mood Enhancer
>  For the first time anywhere,from the FDA's own  once-secret 
>  files, the  complete,uncensored story of Gamma-OH(G.H.B  or 
> gamma-hydroxybutyrate)
> Foreword: Dr Julian WHITAKER
> Secret FDA files exposed!
>  Scientific  studies  published over the  last  30-40  years 
>   demonstrate  that  GHB(Gamma-OH)may  be  the   safest,most 
> effective substance ever developped for:
> .. Promoting deep,restull sleep
> ..Alleviating anxiety(and panic attacks) and depression
> ..Facilitating childbirth
> ..Helping to break alcohol and drug addiction

 I  am  using GHB both in alcohol and in  opiate  withdrawals' 
combined  protocols,  with excellent results  (we  can  nearly 
always  avoid withdrawal symptoms without any excess  sedation 
and good sleeping since the first night). But GHB is addictive 
leading  to  enormous  increasing  of  daily  doses,   without 
apparent negative symptoms (at least to my experience).

 Renato Cocchi MD, PhD
 specialist in neurology
 specialist in medical psychology
 Medical director, Alchol Unit
 Casa di cura Villa Silvia
 Senigallia Italy 

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