Diagramming Robust AI

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Mon Mar 30 19:27:34 EST 1998

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>Jerry Avins wrote:
>> Phil Roberts, Jr. wrote:
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>> > Riddle (#2):  Why is FORTH called FORTH?
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>> C is called C because it was intended to B, code that ran on the machine
>> used for development. Forth is called that because it came after
>> something like Third, and Moore's system couldn't take 6-character
>> names. If I'm so smart, how come I don't know why they named me
>> Jeremiah?
>C was the sequel to B.  There was ambiguity as to whether C's successor
>should be D, or another specific letter (Which letter, and why?).  
>Because of that ambiguity, the successor was named C++, which signifies
>that successor, whichever it is :).

No ambiguity; B was the successor to BCPL.  So C's successor would be "P".

 -- Bill Moyer

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