Diagramming Robust AI

Mary Murphy and Leo Wong hello at albany.net
Tue Mar 31 22:22:20 EST 1998

Dave Kenny wrote:

> I sometimes wonder what computing would be like had Forth been
> discovered/invented much earlier.  Traditional assembly language
> could be dispensed with.  Batch environments would be for running
> payroll, NOT for doing development work.  Development work would be
> fast and interactive, even on quite primitive hardware.

Funny you should say that:

FORTH works with the user to solve his problems: it
makes no attempt to solve them for him.

For example, FORTH can process a payroll.  It requires
a responsible person from the payroll department to edit
the personel file, see that the checks are in his remote
printer, and respond to errors as they are detected by
FORTH.  If you prefer to batch your change cards,
merge them into a master tape, and print the checks
off line, stick with COBOL.

Moore and Leach, _FORTH - A Language for
Interactive Computing_, Amsterdam, NY 1970.


Forth - just not for everybody or everything.

Leo Wong
hello at albany.net

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