A Course on Conciousness part 2. Precognitive dreams and communication.

Lars Rune Foleide larsrune at sf.telia.no
Fri May 22 11:32:45 EST 1998

I had planed to read you Consciousness explained, but now,
well, I'm not that sure anymore.
Since you say that it doesn't exist than you can't have much
clue about what you are talking about.
And you have been doing this for quite some time.
No, I'm strongly in doubt that I have anything to learn from you.

But since I respect every view, then maybe I have to read it anyway.

Claude Rifaat El-Sayed(son of Dr.Rifaat El-Sayed,ex Dr of His Majesty King
Faysa) wrote in message <355d8320.856335 at news.twics.com>...
>Le 14 May 1998 11:42:02 GMT, "Ian Wilson" <iwilson at img.net> vous
>"telepathy" and "precognition" DO NOT exist.
>They are figment of your imagination.

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