Hear radar waves

Dirk Bruere (remove x to reply) "artemis" at kbnet.co.uk
Sun Nov 1 15:26:50 EST 1998

Harry H Conover wrote:
> Teodorico (jpmouton11 at accesosis.es) wrote:
> : And this technology is in use today more than ever.
> : Let's take a look at this (but remember occams razor says it's paranoid
> : schizophrenia!):
> Indeed, claims of "radio mind control" are standard textbook examples of
> paranoid delusion.  Given that no technology to accomplish these results
> exists, such claims are generally regarded as supporting a positive
> diagnosis.
Even so, the CIA in one of it's more crazy phases (like MK ULTRA)
experimented with what was called 'synthetic telepathy' using modulated
uwaves as a potential tool for discrediting people by making them 'hear

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