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>: And this technology is in use today more than ever.
>: Let's take a look at this (but remember occams razor says it's paranoid
>: schizophrenia!):
>Indeed, claims of "radio mind control" are standard textbook examples of
>paranoid delusion.  Given that no technology to accomplish these results
>exists, such claims are generally regarded as supporting a positive

That technology exists since, at least, the 1940s.
Anyway, we won't be surprised to know that those standard textbooks are
imposed by the same powerful and official psychiatric establishment who
actively collaborates with the military and the government agencies on these
sadistic and inhumane experimentation on innocent citizens.

>Visit any mental hospital and you'll find many first-hand examples.
>                                                 Harry C.

Here we have an example of the take over of mental institutions by
scientists funded by the military and goverment related
agencies/corporations, with covert experimentation purposes, during the
1940-50s. Afterwards, the average citizen's turn would came; and now...
their deffinitive take over is almost ready.
I tell you that from now on, every denial or mocking about these dramatical
facts will be counted as techno-fascist collaboration at the imminent last

Pg. 216. "McCulloch, Warren S. M.D.  Since 1952 Dr. Warren S. McCulloch has
been a staff member engaged in the Research Laboratory of Electronics at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. ..is also well known as one of the
founders of the group who have developed Cybernetics. He was Chairman of the
Macy Conference on Cybernetics during its life from 1946 to 1951... '...But
Gentleman, the title of my paper is not facetious. At the behest of the
Mathematical Sciences Division of the Office of Naval Research(ONR), I spent
two months abroad, questioning "Where is fancy bred?" ...Dr. Sem Jacobsen
spoke well, but gingerly, about implanted electrodes;...hostility ..in the
press and lost him financial support for implanted electrodes...has made
trouble for Dr. Sherwood [in England] But France is a Catholic country.
..facilitated the work in New Orleans and at Rochester. Percival Bailey, who
was one of the first to implant electrodes keeps his copy of the Pope's
letter in his desk. In Boston Jim White and Bill Sweet have just been
blessed, not merely for implanted electrodes, but...So much for implanted
electrodes. They are here to stay. Through them we will record activities in
structures heretofore inaccessible, locating the womb of Fancy. ...But let
us get back to Salpetriere, where there were many good anatomic and
psychologic papers. But the work of Antoine Remond was the crowning success
of the meeting. Long years ago he had come to my laboratory in Chicago...
combined with accumulators that let him use hundreds of repeated
stimulations and so raise the signals way above the noise. The resulting
maps of the first special derivative on the surface of the head are
impressive. To go from these to the second derivative, which locates the
nervous activity as well as possible, is still done by a laborious longhand
computation. ...Today it can be done electronically, ..It may take three
years to build the gadgets. Remond's work was so impressive that the
National Institutes of Health and the European Office, Air Research and
Development Command, are now backing it financially, but I understand that
Bugnard and Alajouanine are of the opinion that it will raise the envy of
those who have done nothing new. ...John Lilly failed to show, and I , as
his fellow-American, was commanded to speak on a mathematics suited to
neurology. ...Between visits to laboratories and lectures to theoretical
physicists, engineers, psychiatrists, and physiologist, I found time to work
with Sherwood on the third component of the Laplacian of the cerebral
cortex. ...But my principal business in England was the study of artificial
intelligence. ...When I reached the National Physical Laboratory for
Uttley's symposium on "The Mechanization of Thought Processes," ...But what
I saw in Russian faces was that their scientists, like ours, know they are
confronted by the problem of the Rabbi of Chelm with his Golem,...The vigil
must be endured, even if it entail "Q" clearance.{Q is a national security
clearance.] ...On the landing here, I made my bow to ONR and began to
contact my Human Factors friends in Astronautics. They could use these
circuits. ..Let me recapitulate its discoveries ...For the good of patients,
implanted electrodes are here to stay; and through them, whether
psychiatrists like it or not, we will learn where fancy is bred.' "

And for the "inexistent" results we have a flourished bibligraphy:


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