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> : I used to kill rats (and baby chickens) not out of "curiosity",
> but to feed : to snakes and hawks and owls (rescued, injured, in

> In Norway it is illegal to feed a living animal (that is,
> vertegrates  and decapods) to another animal. The practice is
> rewarded with up to  6 months behind bars. Personally I find the iea
> of using rodens as living  food for reptiles disgusting.

How nice. Now read what the poster said, and endeavour to come up with
some arcane chain of logic which would make your paragraph a response to
the writer's statement.

Post it to This is bionet.neuroscience, not

> The best way of preventing snakes from starvation is not to keep
> them as pets. The second best alternative, which is frequently used
> in research laboratories, is to keep them in a refridgerator. At a
> temperature of 4 centigrades they are torpid with just barely
> measurable metabolism.

If you were to sit still, not use your keyboard, and wear thick wollen
clothing, you would use far less of the planet's resources yourself.

Please consider.

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