Hear radar waves

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>>She had tried screening with aluminium foils and other things.
>>Without success.
>>Therefore I dont believe in the microwave theory in this case.
>Has she tried shielding with copper-wire mesh behind the skull, i.e.?

If the waves would be so strong,that they cant be
remarkably weakened by Alu-foil,then they can be
easily detected with a passive detektor.
Would you agree?

>>On the net are several conspiracy theories about "mind control"
>>by CIA and military.
>>They are mostly paranoid.
>Some are; some faint it in order to discredit the true ones, and others,
>simply, ARE NOT paranoid.
Indeed, there is real conspiracy and it was in the past.

But why do you think, that she would be an aim of such activities?
Arent deseases like tinnitus much more probable?
I think first you should try explanations with high probability.
Only if they are disproven then you could try other explanations.

What you are saying in last ressort, is that she is an innocent
aim of evil and secret experiments with humans!
How did you come to this conclusion?
Do you want to drive her to persecution mania without
knowing the personal circumstances and the facts?

Or do you want to sell brain wave therapies and make money?

Excuse me, if Im wrong.

But I must ask this questions.

This is an anonymous communication medium and one cannot
know to whom he his talking.



In the Internet nobody knows,that I´m a dog. (Groomit)

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